Monday, November 26, 2012

"SOAP message cannot be parsed" error message in SharePoint 2010 InfoPath


We had a SharePoint list with 50 columns and list contains 3000+ items. The list grew over period of time, and of course list views set-up in a way that total number of items in a view does not exceed the threshold. We we tried to change the InfoPath and re-publish it, got the following error, but when I delete 3000 items from the same list and try to publish the InfoPath, the updates goes through smoothly. 


It looks like when we re-publish the InfoPath, SharePoint trying to update each item's property behind the scene and this operations times-out for List contains larger number of Items. So override the httpruntime executionTimeout from the default value. I tried with 3000 seconds and the update went through successfully.


  1. This give me relief from the the big error "SOAP message cannot be parsed".. pheww. thanks buddy.

  2. The actual executionTimeout is expressed in SECONDS, not miliseconds, see


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