Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Disabling Request Access link from the Access Denied Page in SharePoint

Sometime we gets below error while accessing SharePoint website which we are not authorized to access.

It's painful exercise for SP Administrator to maintain request coming through "Request Access" url, as shown in above diagram.

Remove the Request Access link from the user name dropdown in SharePoint 2010.
Getting tired of users clicking the request access all over your SharePoint sites? By flipping a check box on the Site Admin page you can remove the link from showing on the site and the access denied pages.

  • Go to Site Actions and select Site Settings.

  • Click on Site Permissions under the Users and Permissions group.

  • Click on the Manage Access Requests link

  • Uncheck the Allow requests for access checkbox and then OK

Now your users will have to contact your support through the channels that you specify.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SharePoint 2013: Comparision between Apps and Solutions (.wsp)

Apps in Sharepoint:

Apps are stand-alone applications that provide specific information or functionality to a SharePoint site. Apps for SharePoint are easy for users to install, use, manage, upgrade, and remove. Apps can be SharePoint-hosted (reside and execute in SharePoint) or cloud-hosted (Windows Azure or other systems), or both.


How to get
Apps can be downloaded from:
  • Internal App Catalog (contains apps approved and uploaded by the organization)
  • Public SharePoint Store
 How to Use / Install

Apps can be used:
  • In your hosted or on-premises SharePoint site
 App code is installed:
  • On a separate web site from your other sites in its own, isolated, domain·
  • In the cloud (cloud-based apps)
How to Manage

Apps can be managed and monitored by:
  • Site administrators.
  • SharePoint Online Service administrators for a tenancy· 
  • Farm administrators

Solutions in Sharepoint:

Are small to large scale packages used to customize or enhance SharePoint sites. Full trust solutions need a farm or SharePoint Online Service administrator to deploy, manage, and remove. Partial trust solutions must be installed to a sandbox. 


How to get

Solutions can be acquired from:
  • Third-party developers· Your own development team 
 How to Use / Install
Solutions can be used:
  • In your hosted (sandbox solutions only) or on-premises SharePoint site
Solution code is installed:
  • As a full trust solution (in the global assembly cache).
  • As a sandboxed solution 
How to Manage
 Solutions can be installed and monitored by:
  • SharePoint Online Service administrators for a tenancy (sandbox)· 
  • Farm administrators (sandbox or full trust)

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