Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Error while creating webapplicaiton "Internet Explore cannot display the webpage" on central administrator

Yesterday i found some issue with my central administrator while crating a web application. however you can able to create application when you refresh the page. This error occurs because central admin's session shutdowns automatically after the 90 sec time.
Error looks like this :
Error Internet Explore cannot display the webpage

To overcome this error i increased the time of  my central administrator shutdown time. 
Run -> inetmgr-> select "SharePoint Central administrator" application pool -> right click select "Advance settings"

SharePoint Central Administrator in IIS

in Advance setting find "Shutdown Time limit (Seconds)" it will have 90 seconds by default. increase it to 300 Sec.

Advance Settings of Central Administration in SharePoint 2010

Now try creating web application and boom... you can able to create web application without error message.

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