Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slow Browsing in windows explore for sharepoint library

Having lots of documents and folders in a single sharepoint library which are constantly assessing and updating is tough task to maintain. although sharepoint had provided option called "Open with Explore". but library access becomes too slow when we access with explore view.
 While using Windows 7 and browsing through various folders in SharePoint with Windows Explorer, everything was loading at a sickeningly slow pace. Super, extremely, very slow.

Solution which made explore view faster by changing some settings in Internet Explorer. You need to make sure you make these changes in IE regardless of whichever other browser you may use, as it is heavily integrated with Windows Explorer.

Open IE, go to 'Tools', and then choose 'Internet Options'. Go to the 'Connections' tab, and then click the 'LAN settings' button (it's right near the bottom). Uncheck the box next to 'Automatically detect settings'. Click 'OK' twice and you're all set.


I hope that this helps out some of you out there who have been experiencing the same frustration as me!

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