Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Use Visio Service in SharePoint 2010

Visio service in sharepoint is useful to see visio drawing and graphs in your browser only. But unless you have gone through the steps, it might not be all that obvious.

The requirements for this is that you must have both SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and Visio 2010.

Step 1 - Turn on Visio Services

Go to --> Site Actions --> Site Settings.
Then click "Manage site features".

visio feature in sharepoint 2010

If your SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features are not activated, click the Activate button.
Activate Visio in central admin of sharepoint 2010

Here is what it should look like:







Step 2 - Configuring the document library.

Now, navigate to a document library where you would like to publish the Visio for users to view in a web browser. Go to the List settings and click Advanced Settings.

my visio library settings

Set the Opening Documents in the Browser option to Open in the browser.
open visio files in browser

Step 3 - Publishing a Visio 2010 document

After creating your Visio document, select Save As from the File menu.

save visio document


In the File name box, paste the URL of the site where you library is.

Navigate to the library (double click).

Give your file the desired name.
IMPORTANT: From the Save as type: dropdown, choose Web Drawing. Then press Enter or click Save.

save visio in web drwaing format


Here's what the Visio looks like in a web browser.

visio 2010 open in web browser

 And Done..!! you have successfully configured Visio service in SharePoint 2010

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