Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SharePoint 2013: Comparision between Apps and Solutions (.wsp)

Apps in Sharepoint:

Apps are stand-alone applications that provide specific information or functionality to a SharePoint site. Apps for SharePoint are easy for users to install, use, manage, upgrade, and remove. Apps can be SharePoint-hosted (reside and execute in SharePoint) or cloud-hosted (Windows Azure or other systems), or both.


How to get
Apps can be downloaded from:
  • Internal App Catalog (contains apps approved and uploaded by the organization)
  • Public SharePoint Store
 How to Use / Install

Apps can be used:
  • In your hosted or on-premises SharePoint site
 App code is installed:
  • On a separate web site from your other sites in its own, isolated, domain·
  • In the cloud (cloud-based apps)
How to Manage

Apps can be managed and monitored by:
  • Site administrators.
  • SharePoint Online Service administrators for a tenancy· 
  • Farm administrators

Solutions in Sharepoint:

Are small to large scale packages used to customize or enhance SharePoint sites. Full trust solutions need a farm or SharePoint Online Service administrator to deploy, manage, and remove. Partial trust solutions must be installed to a sandbox. 


How to get

Solutions can be acquired from:
  • Third-party developers· Your own development team 
 How to Use / Install
Solutions can be used:
  • In your hosted (sandbox solutions only) or on-premises SharePoint site
Solution code is installed:
  • As a full trust solution (in the global assembly cache).
  • As a sandboxed solution 
How to Manage
 Solutions can be installed and monitored by:
  • SharePoint Online Service administrators for a tenancy (sandbox)· 
  • Farm administrators (sandbox or full trust)

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